About Us

Thank-you for taking the time to read about our journey......

With thousands of construction companies out there it can be harder to define what sets you apart from others. But at Blier Contracting its easy to see what defines us, why can we confidently say that? Well I guess you will have to try us out and see! 


Living in Canada means you will definitely see winter (and yes even the hot sunny Okanagan is not immune to this) but at Anderson Blier we got you covered! Stay nice and cozy warm with professional and code compliant insulation, we also specialize in "Spray Foam" insulation which is considered one of the best for a complete tight envelope system, sealing off your house from the elements while keeping you nice and cozy! And if that's not enough, it also saves energy and puts hard earned bucks back in your pocket!

How It All Began……..

It all began over 25 years ago with Owner/President Henry Blier a well known tradesman in the South Okanagan as well as many other areas of Canada, his hard work and attention to detail formed a company based 100% on customer satisfaction. Blier Contracting has carved a niche in the construction market that is both competitive and complimentary to the industry. Given Henry Blier's dedication to a quality and efficient job he has attracted a team of skilled trades who are as dedicated to customer satisfaction as he is......... And yes he is the "running man" in the logo!


So where does Anderson/Blier come into the picture, well remember how we said Henry attracts people with his same work ethics... Naturally then Bruce Anderson has become well suited for another finely structured division of Blier Contracting. Bruce leads a team of hard working dedicated Insulation and Spray Foam specialists who are always committed to a code compliant finished product........after all you know what they say about insulation "you can't see a good insulating job, but you sure can feel it"!..... ok, I just made that up, but I'm sure you get the picture. (:

Some of our regular customers are:

* The Gisbourne Group

* Albi Renova

* Etc Homes

* Greyback Construction

* Western Industrial Construction

* Cummings Construction

* Rail Engineered Homes

* Mike Grgich Contracting

* Barnett Group

* Jazel Homes

* Peterson Enterprise

* Kobau Constuction

* Sunrise Restorations

* McDonald Builders

* Maximum Modular

* Sterling Consulting

* Wildstone

* John Walker

* Solara Homes

* Kardan Construction

* Fabio Zonta

* Rivendell Homes

* Bucanneer Contracting

* Madeira Stone

* Chadwell Homes

* Rob Malanovic

Here is a list of some of the jobs we have completed (see photos for pictures) :

Commercial Projects:                                                      

* Canadian Tire/Marks Work Warehouse  Invermere BC                            

* Taco Bell/KFC,   Penticton BC & Edmoton AB

* Southwinds Shopping Center, Oliver Bc

* Source, Oliver BC

* Dairy Queen,   Penticton BC

* Mt. Milligan Gold Mine,  Mt. Milligan BC 

* Grand Cash Coal Mine,  Grand Cash BC

* Copper Mountain Mine, Princeton BC

* Marks Work Warehouse  Oliver BC

* Hooded Merganser (Restaurant), Penticton BC

* Poplar Grove Winery, Penticton BC

* Arise Winery, Oliver BC

* Jackson & Triggs (Vincor) Winery, Oliver BC

* Blackhills Winery, Okanagan Falls BC 

* Lake Breeze Winery, Naramata BC

* Wild Goose Winery, Okanagan Falls BC

* Liquidity Winery, Okanagan Falls BC

* Joie Farm Winery, Naramata BC

* Kettle Valley Winery, Naramata BC

* Senkulmen Enterprise Park, Oliver BC

* New Cap Radio, Penticton BC

* Value Village, Penticton Bc

* YLW Kelowna International Airport, Kelowna BC

* Normar Trailers (Spray Foam), Penticton BC

* Bob Brown GMC, Penticton BC

* Dental Offices, Penticton BC

And much more……..

Residential Projects:

* Athen's Creek Towers, Penticton Bc

* Casa Rio Apatments, Oliver BC

* Spirit Ridge, Osoyoos BC

* Many Single Family Dwellings For Various Builders (see list above) 

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